Family Dentistry

At Utah Smile Clinic we love families! We have families of our own and pride ourselves in our ability to service entire families of all ages. Our doctors have children of their own and are great at working with children. We’ve found that a lot of parents will bring their small children to our office before they are ready for exams. We encourage you to bring your small children back to sit in the chair and become comfortable with the dentist and the dental office even if they don’t have an appointment scheduled.

At what age should I bring in my children?

We recommend you bring your children to our office around 6 months of their first teeth erupting. We can generally look at a child’s teeth under the age of 2 during the same appointment as a parent for no additional charge as cleanings or x-rays are generally not necessary.

Utah Smile Clinic is dedicated to bringing you and your family the best possible dental care in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Our experienced staff is the finest available and our facility is state-of-the-art. It is our goal to help your family form good habits to achieve strong, functional, gorgeous smiles that will last a lifetime. Together we will discover your needs and design a treatment plan to achieve and maintain your optimal level of oral health and beauty.

Dr Roberts And His Family